This book would not have happened without the help and guidance of a some very talented people.

Brendan Davis – Author of private investigation curriculum materials, and the genius behind Penny’s scanner trick. Currently a fugitive extradition specialist, Brendan is merely biding his time until the world is ready for what he is intended.

Heather Dickerson – Teen services librarian, and visionary reader who emphasized the book’s playlist.

Gretchen Edelen – High school English teacher, and editor, Gretchen gave the book the final polish before I began querying.

Jesse Franzen – Middle school English teacher, and author, Jesse had the patience to read very early drafts of the book and give me his advice.

Suzanne Schwichtenberg – Librarian and writing coach, Suzanne was the leader of the Last Chance Writer’s Workshop, the group I attended for many years before finally finishing my novel. Editor, reader, listener and friend, Suzanne gave the book, and my writing, guidance that turns simple words into memorable prose.

Nikki Whearty – Librarian and author, Nikki’s enthusiasm and support made me feel like I was writing something teens would like to read.

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