My name is Kristan Edward Delaney, but I go by Kris. I grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming with a group of really supportive, creative friends and family. I moved to Helena, Montana in 1999 to attend Carroll College, which is where I met my wife. I taught English for three years at Helena High School, before leaving to become a stay-at-home father of two graceful little girls. I’ve spent the past eight years writing fiction, which is perhaps what has drawn you here.

I am currently querying agents for my novel The Sidewalk Labyrinth, an adventurous middle school mystery about a girl who collects shoes found lying in the street. While the query letters and manuscripts are out in the mail, I am currently hard at work on my second book, an original middle school novel unrelated to The Sidewalk Labyrinth.

I have chosen not to pursue a self-published direction for my novels. I want to concentrate on writing, not selling, which is an entire career in and of itself. I am fascinated by the publishing industry, and always look forward to gleaning new insight to the trade from anyone who will give me advice.